Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday Song - Sisters from White Christmas

This is one of my sister's and my favorite songs!  We used to make her girls cringe everytime we'd sing it! LOL!  One day they will understand!  Hope you enjoy it, too! 

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Natasha said...

This is a great song, Joy and an even funnier clip! I have 2 younger sisters so appreciate it very much!Thanks for linking it up to Sunday Song.

Just to answer your question, if you want to link to the actual post rather than your whole blog, just click on the name of the post (eg this post was called Sunday Song.Sisters from White Christmas I think. It was a little hard to read). When you click on it you will see that the url at the top of your screen changes and that is what you copy and paste when you link up to memes and linky parties. It saves people searching around for the post you want them to see. Hope this makes sense.

Hope you have a lovely weekend-see you soon!
Best wishes,

Joy B said...

Thanks for the tip Natasha-much appreciated! Have a great weekend, too.