Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey everyone!  I just have to share this with you.

I ran across these simply gorgeous crocheted snowflakes through an email I received from Hooked on Crochet from All Free Crochet this morning!  You aren't going to believe the detail in the threadwork!  The photo is from her Snowcatcher blog.

photo by Deborah Atkinson

Here's the link to her blog, where she generously shares her patterns:

Deborah Atkinson is her name and she also has a website for her photography.  She is indeed a gifted artist!  If you'd like to see some of her beautiful photos, please click this link:

I hope you enjoy these two sites as much as I do.  I'm off to try my hand at this awesome snowflake!!!  If/when I get it completed, I'll post a picture of the finished product.  But, don't hold your breath! LOL!


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