Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Song - Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas) (CC)

It's Sunday once again!
Thank you Lord, for this day that you have made,
let us rejoice and be glad!

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This song, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas) 
came out when I was in Junior High School and is still one of my favorites!  Love the Guardsmen, the group who sings it. 

My sister, Kathy, loves Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and all the Peanuts Gang, so this Sunday Song is for her. Love ya Sis!




Celestial Charms said...

Love Snoopy. Having grown up with the Peanut gang, I'm smiling from ear to ear!

Joy B said...

LOL! I'm so glad to have made you smile! :) Thanks for stopping by! Joy